"XXX - For the Love of Math"

Conference 2010
May 26-28, 2010
Fern Resort, Orillia


Your Invitation...

As a mathematics educator, you are invited to participate in the the OCMA 30th Annual Mathematics Conference that is being held at the Fern Resort, May 26- May 28, 2010. The Welcome Session starts at 12:30 pm on May 26. The cost is a reasonable $469 per person for single accommodation and $359 per person for double accommodation, if registration is completed by March 31, 2010. The fee includes conference cost, OCMA membership, meals, accommodation (for 2 nights), and use of resort facilities.

Brochure for 2010 OCMA Conference (PDF)

Program for 2010 OCMA Conference (PDF)

This year will mark the 30th year of our OCMA conference, hence the triple X. We thought that this was appropriate since many of us have a love for math that we as teachers try to instill into our students. As many of us know, this presents us with many challenges. Not all of our students love the subject, nor are as passionate about it as we are. This can wear us down somewhat. The conference will help to energize us about math so that we can continue to pass on the passion and love of the subject to our students. So please plan to attend and share ideas, stories and fun amongst colleagues and friends.

The OCMA executives encourage you to seize this opportunity to come together, to share experiences, to learn, and to enjoy.

For further information please contact J. Paul Balog, pbalog@georgebrown.ca or Bruno Fullone, bFullone@georgebrown.ca .

At this time of year, spring will be at its best at Fern Resort. This is your opportunity to take a much- needed break and make or renew friendships with colleagues.

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